Suppleplant Succulent Love - Natural Mineral Succulent Fertilizer Supplement. *New Sprayer*
Suppleplant Succulent Love - Natural Mineral Succulent Fertilizer Supplement. *New Sprayer*
Suppleplant Succulent Love - Natural Mineral Succulent Fertilizer Supplement. *New Sprayer*
Suppleplant Succulent Love - Natural Mineral Succulent Fertilizer Supplement. *New Sprayer*

Suppleplant Succulent Love - Natural Mineral Succulent Fertilizer Supplement. *New Sprayer*

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Suppleplant Succulent Love

Succulents are known to be an easy plant to take care of. They’re often suggested to new plant owners as a good place to start. But, all too often succulents are killed in the home by those who don’t realize they still need their own regular dose of succulent food in order to thrive. Contrary to popular belief, succulents and cacti actually need minerals more than other plants. Because they originate in dry and arid climates, the soil is very nutrient-dense to provide all it needs to beat the tough climate. It’s important to replicate this kind of soil for succulent house plants by using a high-quality and organic succulent food regularly.

The best fertilizer for succulents is one that is made from organic ingredients that mimic the natural soil succulents are used to. Organic Suppleplant Succulent Love is the best succulent fertilizer as it is designed specifically for hard to feed cacti. It is modeled after natural soil and works with the plant’s internal structure.

Caring for Your Succulent

Succulents are a good place to start if you are interested in adding more greenery to your household but are not well-versed in caring for plants. Succulents are famous for their low-maintenance lifestyle, but they still require a bit of know-how and care if they are really going to thrive.

Here are some tips on succulent care.

Light   Succulents do great outdoors because of the direct sunlight, so they can have a bit of an issue if they are placed in a spot indoors that doesn’t allow for much access to light.

While indoors, they should be placed by a window that gets great sunlight. Ideally, this will be the brightest window in your house. You should keep it as close to the window as possible, possibly on the window sill. Rarely will your succulent ever get sunburned, so the idea really is the closer the better when it comes to sunlight. 

Succulents that don’t get enough light will start to stretch out to gain as much light access as they can. If they are in the brightest spot possible but still stretching, try supplementing their needs with a grow light.

Water   Succulents famously don’t need a lot of water. This is a bit of a misconception, however, because they still need water to flourish just like any other plant. It’s no surprise that water is usually the issue that new plant owners face when it comes to keeping their plants alive.

They require a surprising amount of water to really thrive, but they don’t want water too frequently. They prefer having their roots soaked in water, which allows them to dry out over time as they use up the water. Once the soil is all dried out, they want some more water. This “soak and dry” method is their very favorite.

Try this instead of spraying them daily, as some people do, which is actually a quick way to kill them.

Seasonal Care   There are also different seasons of a succulent’s life. There will usually be a dormant period during the cooler months when the plant won’t need or use as much water as normal. Leaves and stems may shrivel up a bit, but you shouldn’t worry unless the leaves on the top are doing so. The leaves on the bottom will eventually shrivel up and die, but that’s normal. You can simply clip off the dead parts, and the top parts can still survive.

Fertilizer   Contrary to popular belief, succulents do crave fertilizer. Succulents naturally grow in dry and tough climates, where the soil must be extremely nutrient-dense to provide the plant with the minerals it needs to stay alive. Succulents are used to being fed those minerals through their roots, so the plant will still be searching for those minerals even when it is potted on your window sill.

Using a succulent-specific formula like Suppleplant Succulent fertilizer will provide the trace minerals and nutrients your succulent is craving. This specific formula is modeled after the soil succulents originally come from, so the plant will easily take to its composition. Spray generously three times a week for best results.

Make the most of your house succulent and buy Suppleplant Succulent Love today.

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