Suppleplant Airplant Love - Natural Mineral Airplant Fertilizer Supplement  *New Sprayer*
Suppleplant Airplant Love - Natural Mineral Airplant Fertilizer Supplement  *New Sprayer*
Suppleplant Airplant Love - Natural Mineral Airplant Fertilizer Supplement  *New Sprayer*
Suppleplant Airplant Love - Natural Mineral Airplant Fertilizer Supplement  *New Sprayer*

Suppleplant Airplant Love - Natural Mineral Airplant Fertilizer Supplement *New Sprayer*

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Suppleplant Airplant Love

Airplants have adapted themselves to be able to thrive in difficult environments, evolving to the point where they are able to store moisture and nutrients without the help of any soil or rooted home at all. While they are durable and withstanding plants, they still require a balance of air, moisture, and nutrients to thrive. Airplants especially crave nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Airplant care is tricky, though, because they don’t have any soil to absorb the nutrients, so normal plant fertilizers won’t work.

If you’re looking for the best indoor plant food for your airplant, Organic Suppleplant Airplant Love is your answer. Our organic spray fertilizer provides a water-soluble and pre-mixed concoction of the most important trace minerals for the overall health of your most beloved airplant. The spray will enhance your plant’s strength and vitality by working with the plant’s internal structure to increase nutrient absorption naturally.

Caring for Air Plants

Air plants are a fun and unique way to introduce greenery into your home and life. These beauties sure stand out in a room full of rooted, potted plants. Just because they don’t live in the soil, though, doesn’t mean they don’t still require a certain amount of tender loving care.

Here are the ins and outs of air plant care:

Light   Air plants thrive in bright light, particularly indirect sunlight. If sunlight isn’t readily available for your plant, a bright office light will still do the trick. Direct sunlight in short bouts is okay, but too much time under the sun, and they will be depleted of most of their moisture.

If the final home for your air plant is in a position of mostly direct light, make sure to mist it regularly to keep it from drying out.

Water   Just because they don’t grow from the soil doesn’t mean they also don’t need to be watered. They THRIVE from water and will shrivel up and die without it. They are built to survive through periods of drought and maintain their health, but there’s no need to test that or put them through a drought if there is water on hand.

Luckily, they are very forgiving, so you don’t need to worry about following a strict watering regimen. All you need to worry about is watering them regularly and paying attention to see if they are drying out.

You may be wondering how exactly one goes about watering an air plant. While spritzing and spraying are great supplemental methods, the very best is a soak. A thorough under-the-sink rinse or a 30-minute bath in a small pool of water are two great soaking methods. After the soak, go ahead and give them a good shake to remove excess water. Place them in a good spot for them to air out over the next couple of hours and then place them back in their home.

Watering once a week all the way up to 2-3 times a week is optimal, but they are built to withstand a few forgetful weeks here and there. If you choose to water them more sporadically, keep a water sprayer on hand, so you can spritz them in-between baths.

Storing   Almost any container can be purposed as a good home for your air plant. Do keep in mind that they thrive on good air circulation, so crochet and other breathable materials are often preferred as vessels to store your precious air plants. If you do choose an enclosed container, take them out regularly to give them time to breathe and spritz them to keep dehydration at bay.

Fertilizer   While fertilizing your air plants is not absolutely necessary, it is recommended for a supremely healthy and happy plant. Using a fertilizer on your air plant, like Suppleplant Airplant Love, spraying the plant liberally three times a week, will provide the most needed trace minerals to your air plant directly through a pre-mixed and water-soluble spray on the leaves.

While it may survive without airplant fertilizer, the airplant will absolutely thrive with it. Buy Suppleplant Airplant Love today and see the difference for yourself.

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