How Do I Care For My Sick Air Plant?

How Do I Care For My Sick Air Plant?

Suppleplant’s Easy Air Plant Care Tips

Treating Your Ailing Air Plant

For those who want to add a little more life to their homes, air plants are an easy to care for and lively addition to any home. In fact, air plants are increasingly popular with renters because they are so easy to take care of, do well in small spaces, and are great for improving indoor air quality. But air plants still need their own specific food and care, just like any other plants. If you neglect your air plant for too long, it will even get sick and die just like other houseplants. Whether your air plant has gone without water for too long, just arrived from a far off land, or maybe is just in need of a little tender loving care, here are the steps that you need to take in order to revive your plant and keep it healthy and happy. To buy air plant care or learn more care tips, check out the full Suppleplant website.

Start with an overnight soak

The first thing that you should do with any air plant is to give it a nice long soak overnight. Prepare your air plant a bath as you normally do when watering. Then, simply let your plant sit overnight. Shake off your plant in the morning and return it to its pot. Air plants do not have roots and need to take in water through their leaves. Because of this, most retailers say that you should mist the leaves several times a week to keep the plant healthy. If you, like many air plant owners, feel that this is not enough for your plant, you can also give your plant hour-long water soaks weekly (or biweekly in colder months).

Removing dead growth

You’ll want to remove any dead leaves from your air plant. Gently tug on the leaves to see if they come free from the plant. If leaves are easy to remove, they are dead. If you try tugging on a leaf and the entire plant falls apart, well, it is sad to say but your air plant is already gone. You may have a few browning leaves come off, but the remainder of the leaves underneath should be green and healthy. In this case, your air pot can be saved!

Browning Ends

Try using unchlorinated water on your plants. Rainwater is often the best source for this. If you give your plants unchlorinated water and they are still browning, consider that they may not be getting enough water. As mentioned above, misting is often not a good enough solution for regular watering for air plants. Consider bathing your plants by submerging them in water for a few hours a week. Go ahead and give your plants an overnight bath and then continue giving them a little additional water in the weeks to follow.

How Can I Better Care For My Plant?

The number one tip for taking care of any indoor plant is to make sure that it is getting the right amounts of nutrients in order to thrive in your home. Suppleplant carries an exclusive line of plant food, fertilizers, and care products to help you take the best care of your plants. The company’s Airplant Love fertilizer is specifically formulated to help air plants grow. Notorious for surviving in indifferent and even desolate circumstances, air plants still require the right balance of nutrients, air, and moisture in order to survive. Suppleplant Airplant Love is formulated with a specific blend of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus that helps these plants absorb nutrients. Normal fertilizers just don’t have enough of these key ingredients to help air plants grow and thrive, and many plant owners have been disheartened by the death of their air plants because of this. Starting with the right air plant fertilizer is key to keeping your plants healthy.

Falling Apart Despite Best Efforts

If you feel that you have done everything right for your air plant but the leaves are still falling off and the plant seems to be ill, you may have left your plant in standing water too long. Alternatively, you may have just not completely dried the leaves after your plant’s last bath.

There are a huge number of air plant varieties that fit in any space. Indoor plants like air plants are also an easy way to improve your indoor air quality without spending a ton of money and while adding visual appeal to your living space. To learn more about air plants and to get some of the leading air plant food on the market, visit us at

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