Suppleplant Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Suppleplant?
A. Suppleplant is a trace minerals formulation, created from ancient micro and macro flora and fauna. Containing 80+ beneficial minerals, it is a highly concentrated and convenient all in one plant supplement.

Q. What differentiates the four Suppleplant products in addition to the variation of plants?
A. Basically the ratios of concentrate to carrier and the application methods / intervals

Q. Why is this different than a typical household fertilizer?
A. Typical fertilizers contain a mix of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) the basics. While NPK are the main building blocks of the nutrient spectrum. There’s so much more to the plant nutrition system. SP is a trace mineral solution that combines over 80 organic minerals including NPK in their natural form that supports all the plants different systems and helps keep everything in balance. With Suppleplant Love you can add a generic NPK feeding solution or just use Suppleplant as a stand-alone houseplant feeding program.

Q. What benefits does Suppleplant have being that it is in aqueous form?
A. The ability to be absorbed extremely fast and ease of application.

Q. What is the best form of application?
A. A light spray at dawn or before any lights come on in the morning and follow directions per Suppleplant type on recurring applications.

Q. Does climate / season / humidity change the efficacy of the product?
A. It shouldn’t but seasonal changes affect any plant.

Q. Does Suppleplant ward off spider mites, aphids or other invaders?
A. Suppleplant is not a pesticide but when a plants immune systems are working at top notch, a plant's ability to ward off pests and pathogens is greatly increased.

Q. Can this be used as a pesticide “treatment”?
A. Not recommended

Q. Can Suppleplant be used with treatment of other pesticides, are there any contradictions?
A. Suppleplant can be used with anything or any kind of feeding or pesticide program

Q. Is this product safe if it were to get on my skin or in contact with children or animals?
A. 100% safe. You could drink a gallon.

Q. Will Suppleplant stain my clothing?
A. No

Q. Being that Suppleplant is considered non-toxic in spray form, is it ok to breathe in?
A. Yes no PPE (personal protective equipment) required

Q. Why are minerals so important to the growth and development of houseplants
A. They are their food and delivery system partners to make them grow. When you use just basic fertilizers for extended periods of time or season after season the Naturally occurring trace elements are depleted then productivity, immune defence and all the pants other systems begin to suffer. By consistently boosting trace mineral levels the plants feel as though they’re in their natural habitat. Rather than a stationary small pot in your kitchen window.