Ignite your crop's inner defense system and increase plant production while avoiding heat stress and nutrient scorch with Suppleplant's all-natural commercial solution.

Suppleplant Commercial Gold Standard (CGS)

SUPPLEPLANT’S interest in the industrial hemp industry has been nurtured over the past several years of research and development. Real-time analysis and proven, independent, positive application results have exceeded our expectations. Through SUPPLEPLANT’S ongoing R&D we have now developed a unique proprietary blend of ionic and monatomic trace minerals, designed to work efficiently and effectively within the plant substrate to strengthen the plant's own naturally integrated immune system. This proprietary combination of minerals now allows the plant to rapidly absorb these minerals and disperse them in a more efficient and effective manner, which eliminates any need for additional applications of currently used, industry standard, toxic chemical sprays or excessive fertilizers. With this application process, the plant can now defend itself from both natural and man-made predatory assailants. Soon to be marketed to the Global Industrial Hemp Industry as SUPPLEPLANT’S CGS-X1, the proprietary solution is completely mineral based, allowing the grower to consciously and confidently provide product to the end user that has been grown without the requirement of any toxic supplements or sprays. By administering the CGS X-1 proprietary mineral solution to the plant, its nutrients are processed quicker and supplied faster without the need for additional applications of toxic chemical sprays or fertilizers. Following a pre-set maintenance program, our results conclude that the industrial hemp plant becomes self-resistant to any future predatory insects including, but not limited to one of the most detrimental crop destroyers known within the industry, Spider Mites.

In addition to igniting the inner defense system of the industrial hemp plant, test results have proven to increase plant production anywhere from 10% to almost 50% of current industry standards. As the application and maintenance process continues, there is a noticeable decrease in seed/clone to cycle time. Independent growers report that after the initial application of CGS-X1 there are dramatic visual changes in the reduction of negative stress effects on the plant. Culturing problems such as heat stress or nutrient scorch etc., are eliminated. In most cases, there is a clear and concise effect of problem situations and plant reaction.  Once CGS X-1 is administered, a visual clarity of the plants reaction to the application begins to appear within 18 to 48 hours.

Largest leaf from control plant vs Average leaf from CGS-X1 plant

Plant 3 - 10 days after application

The Science

Within the substrate and the plant itself are many fungal communities and residents. CGS-X1 works to create an internally linked fungal network where all the fungal residents come together to work symbiotically and create a community that works together for the plants benefit, dramatically increasing nutrients uptake, efficiency, and efficacy, to produce healthier and much more productive plants. SUPPLEPLANT CGS X-1, unique and proprietary blend of minerals is the only wholly, "GREEN" product designed and created specifically for the industrial hemp industry. 

MSDS - Suppleplant Active Ingredient 

MSDS - Suppleplant LOVE Products

Plant 1 - Heat stress damage

Plant 1 - 5 days after CGS-X1 application

Plant 2 - Heat stress damage

Plant 2 - 24hrs after 1st application of CGS-X1

Plant 2 - 5 days after CGS-X1 application 

Plant 2 - 10 days after CGS-X1 application 

SUPPLEPLANT’S “LOVE” Home & Garden Line

While researching the effects of CGS X-1 on industrial hemp plants, SUPPLEPLANTS R&D soon realized that by tweaking certain minerals, we could purposely design a proprietary solution of the enhancing qualities of CGS X-1, for the Home and Garden (agriculture) community. We have come to realize that by adjusting minerals in certain ways, we could focus our product for specific types of plants and agriculture. After independent testing and research, SUPPLEPLANT has initiated the marketing of their new line of CGS products. Armed with the same proven scientific principles of SUPPLEPLANT’S CGS X-1 product, our own brand of natural proprietary growth enhancers are now being marketed as SUPPLEPLANT’S “LOVE” line. Our initial line of product includes; AIRPLANT LOVE, ORCHID LOVE, SUCCULENT LOVE and TROPICAL LOVE. The products are currently available through NX BRANDS and are retailed through their own e-Commerce platform on AMAZON.

The Vision

SUPPLEPLANT’S vision is to work diligently with the Agriculture Industry. However, our immediate focus is to infiltrate the industrial hemp industry, its Licensed Producers (L.P.), as well as medicinal and recreational growers. We can now provide a cost-effective alternative to optimize crop production output, while more importantly assuring the end user of a non-toxic, chemical free, healthier product for personal consumption.