Why Succulent Plants Are So Popular And How To Care For Them

Why Succulent Plants Are So Popular And How To Care For Them

While some people seem to have a natural green thumb when it comes to raising plants inside and outside the home, others struggle mightily to keep them alive. One big secret to having good luck with plants that a lot of people don’t know is that certain plants are far easier to care for than others. One the absolute easiest is the large group of plants called succulents. These plants usually have very thickened leaves that help them retain water. They come in a vast variety of species with all different types, shapes, colors, and sizes of leaves. Cacti are a large group of succulent plants that you might recognize.

Their Ability To Store Water Makes Them Hardy
Of course, plants that live inside your home rely on you to water them consistently, and failure to do so can be harmful or fatal. The advantage of succulent plants is that they store water in their leaves, stems, and trunks that can hold them over during dry spells. Many cacti are known for living in the desert where it only rains a few days per year.
That doesn’t mean that you can neglect your plants, but it does give you a certain amount of leeway, especially if you’re a busy person. Succulents very rarely need to be pruned, they don’t usually grow very fast, but they are steady. You can generally plant one from the cuttings off of another as well, and there are easy to follow instructions in Youtube videos online.
Since they’re evergreen, they stay green all year ‘round and don’t drop their leaves for the winter. Many of them actually gain extra color in their leaves for the winter months which add to their beauty, and you’ll anticipate the yearly change.

How To Care For Your Succulent Plants
The first thing to realize is that they need about the same amount of water as most other plants. They do prefer the soil to dry out slightly between waterings as this imitates the regions where they most often grow. Too much watering without a dry day can cause fungal problems with their roots.
They prefer a soil that drains well, and they prefer the soil to remain at the same height level on the plant, not too deep and not too shallow either. If you’re planting them outside, don’t plant them in the lowest part of your garden where they are always wet. They also like to have a layer of pea gravel around their base because it simulates the sandy areas where they like to grow. In a planter, you should add sand, gravel, and volcanic pumice rock to the soil as that is their natural, well-draining environment and you’ll have the best luck growing them that way.
Using a succulent-specific formula like Suppleplant Succulent fertilizer will provide the trace minerals and nutrients to keep them healthy. Spray generously three times a week for best results.

You’ll Find A Wide Variety Of Succulents At The Local Nursery
These plants are quite popular and come in many shapes and sizes. Some are great standalone plants while others look good in small groups together. Then still others can be used as ground cover around larger plants. One of the absolute best resources for choosing a selection of succulents that can fit any decor is to head to Pinterest and look at the images thousands of other people have uploaded. You’ll find great color selections that include a blue-green centerpiece, aqua green smaller plants surrounding it and then ground cover to finish the look. There are ensembles made for corners, mounds, inside planters, and outside displays of every size and shape imaginable.
By taking the ideas you see in the online photos you can mix and match various colors and sizes to get exactly what you want, there’s plenty of selection available. Write a list and head to your local nursery or garden center but be flexible since many substitutions can be made.

Once you start your garden, you’ll be amazed at the many colors, sizes and shapes you’ll be able to find both locally and online as well.

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