Top Five: Best Hanging House Plants

Top Five: Best Hanging House Plants

Indoor plants are making a big comeback in recent years. This is especially true for hanging plants and the reasons are numerous. You can use them to purify the air in your home. They add color and life to any room. Many of them are quite hardy and require very little maintenance. Hanging plants, in particular, can do all these things while taking up very little space (you can even put some of them in your bathroom).

Here are five plants perfect for hanging in your home:

Blooming Mira Lipstick Plant
The lipstick plant will bloom a beautiful, vigorous red with enough sunlight – adding some natural color to the room. This is a tropical plant so it will require a fair amount of misting in drier climates, but make sure you don’t over-water either. The lipstick plant requires monthly fertilizer feedings and should occasionally be pruned to promote new growth and blooming. Do be cautious, however, as this plant is toxic when ingested so it’s not recommended for pet owners or households with small children.

Devil’s Ivy
As its name suggests, this plant can be quite the demon when grown outdoors as its very invasive and known for smothering out native vegetation. This isn’t a problem when grown inside though, so plant away. Devil’s Ivy grows quickly and is well-suited for damp and relatively poor-lit areas, making this a perfect choice for a bathroom plant. Once again, this plant is also toxic when ingested so beware of pets and small children around it.

Black Pepper Vine
Not only can you grow this indoors, but you can even harvest its berries as peppercorns if grown in the right conditions. It can take many years for a pepper plant to start blooming, however, so don’t throw away that pepper shaker just yet. This vine does best outside during the summer months but can be brought indoors during winter to save them from the cold air. These vines are hardy and evergreen and could eventually be used to spice up your meals.

Goldfish Plant
These guys can live up to a decade and provide beautiful red-orange flowers when they are in bloom during spring and summer months that look like leaping goldfish (hence the name). They make for a great addition to any room and don’t require direct light. Make sure to keep it moist during the summer but a little on the dry side during winter and you’ll have a beautiful plant bringing color to your room for many years.

Satin Pothos
All the pothos family seems to be rather hardy specimens that just about anyone can keep alive. The satin pothos, in particular, is a vigorous plant that prefers indirect light and moist soil, but it can tolerate some dry times. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t require too much hassle but brings the room
together with variegated, tumbling leaves, then look no further.

Each of these plants is a great addition to your hanging garden collection, but there are many more to choose from than the ones mentioned here. Creating a lush landscape inside your home is a rewarding way to bring more color and life to your décor while also removing harmful toxins from the air. So what are you waiting for? Get to growing!

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