Similarities and Differences Between Air Plants and Succulents

Similarities and Differences Between Air Plants and Succulents

Home decoration experts, gardeners and anyone with a knack for making a home beautiful will agree that nothing livens up a home more than houseplants. These natural beauties will add that natural flare that is highly important for an effective décor.

The unfortunate truth, however, is that most people fear they don’t have the expertise and time it will require to care for these houseplants even though they want to use their beauty. If you are in this category or you are just an ardent lover of nature looking for ways to use nature beautifully, then we are pleased to introduce to you the Succulents and Air plants. These two are great even for those that are “bad with plants”. The reasons are: they require minimal maintenance as they are versatile and relatively hard to kill and they are also fit for a wide range of decorative application.

What are Air Plants and Succulents?

Succulents are an incredibly diverse group of plants that store water in their stems and leaves. They undergo dormancy during winter. Because they require little or no water, it makes them a perfect fit for neglectful gardeners who might not always keep to gardening schedules. Examples are: Sedum rubrotinctum, Lithops species, Haworthia cooperi, Agave victoriae-reginae and so on.

Air plants, on the other hand, are an incredibly wide range of plants with great versatility because of their ability to grow without soil. Because of this, you can switch up your decorative touch by choosing from a wide range of fun containers for your air plants. They are epiphytes that require a branch to grow on. Examples are; Tillandsia bulbosa and Spanish moss.

Apart from just being in a pot somewhere in the house, these houseplants can be used in more creative and colorful ways such as in the creation of  living wreaths, vertical gardens, terrariums and fairy homes.

Similarities:  From the individual descriptions given above, we see that tenacity is something common between these two sets of houseplants.

Differences:  While succulents soak up water from the soil, air plants do not require soils to grow on as they are epiphytes.

You probably knew of the decorative power of these natural decorations or you are just getting to know now. And you have seen the differences that exist between them. If you want to find out more about taking care of your indoor plants, you can contact today.  There are a wide range of Suppleplant products for your indoor plant care. At Suppleplant, we understand what it takes to carry out effective indoor plant care and we can help your houseplants flourish with our wide range of natural mineral fertilizer supplements.

Home decoration with succulents and air plants has never been this easy. Add that natural feel to your home and breath healthy for just a minimum cost and a little care.


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