The Best Plants To Detox Your Home

The Best Plants To Detox Your Home

You may not know this, but there are many toxic chemicals lurking in your home. While it is possible to minimize many of these chemicals, there is one that is almost impossible to rid of your home. Formaldehyde can be found in many household products as well as furniture and can be quite volatile. In fact, it has the possibility to cause asthma attacks and cancer in humans when found in high levels.

This chemical compound is regularly found in glues that are used to place particleboard furniture and cabinets together, used to hold carpeting down, as well as furniture finishes. Also, it can be found in paints, sealants, and caulks.
Through government regulations, the amount of formaldehyde used in household products has been reduced, however, it is still widespread and almost impossible to avoid.

Thankfully, there is a simple green tool that can be used to help you remove harmful levels of the toxic compound.

Believe it or not, some simple living greenery can help detox your home! Let's take a look at the best plants to bring home.

The Boston Fern   The Boston Fern is the MVP of the plant community in terms of the highest levels of formaldehyde it can absorb. Also, these green beauties are perfect for removing other hazardous pollutants such as xylene and benzene which can enter into your home through the garage. While these are incredible plants, they are also a bit more challenging to care for. They need to be feed weekly during the growing season, monthly throughout the winter months and should be watered on a regular basis. You will also need to keep an eye on the humidity levels in your home to add more water or simply mist the leaves.

Palm Tree   Palm trees are another excellent source for removing formaldehyde from the home and they are much easier to care for than the Boston Fern. One of the best Palm Trees to have in your home is the Dwarf Date Palm, which looks quite similar to those you see in warm climates. However, you can also choose the Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm, Areca Palm, or the Parlor Palm for similar results. There is no need to keep your house hot for the added benefit of a palm tree, in fact, a household temp between 65 to 75 is perfect.

English Ivy   Typically one of those species of plants that homeowners try to get rid of, when it is found outdoors it has the potential to cause much harm to your home. However, bring this same plant indoors and it becomes a strong remover of formaldehyde. This plant is unusual as it has climbing abilities and can be used for several decorative purposes in the house. English Ivy thrives in a partly sunny/partly shady area of the home. All that needs to be done for this plant is the occasional feeding and watering.

Peace Lilly   The Peace Lilly is one of the few houseplants that can bloom indoors bringing a gorgeous seashell-shaped spathe into the home in the dead of winter. This is actually one of the best plants for formaldehyde removal as well as other chemicals that can be found in household cleaners. This particular plant is best suited in low light areas and has a high transpiration rate which will humidify the air. However, it is important to realize that this plant is poisonous to children and pets.

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