Indoor Plants That Grow Well In Low Light Conditions

Indoor Plants That Grow Well In Low Light Conditions

Growing plants indoors gives gardeners the convenience of being able to access their plants at any time, while controlling the conditions of the plant's growth. However, there is one drawback in the amount of light that can reach the plants indoors. Some plants can overcome this drawback by growing in conditions where there is a low amount of light. Check out the following plants that will make great indoor options where light is limited.

Lucky bamboo  A plant from the African nation of Cameroon goes by many names, but it most often called Lucky bamboo. The name of this plant is a bit deceptive, as it doesn't really belong to the bamboo family. The plant is thought to be a good luck charm, bringing good fortune to those who have one. These plants are often purchased or given to people as gifts to be placed in office buildings, homes, and to sit on desks. Lucky bamboo can thrive well in dark areas and is quite a survivor.

Golden Pothos Vine  Golden Pothos plants have the ability to survive in the unlikeliest of conditions, making it seem as if they aren't plants at all. Dark conditions are no problem for these plants, and neither are areas without a lot of water. This popular plant has a unique beauty that comes from heart-shaped vines and marble patterned stems. This plant also has a bonus ability of purifying the air.

Ferns   Existing for millions of years over a vast span on environments, ferns are an impressive plant. Over 12,000 species of these plants are estimated to exist in the world. These plants can come in small to massive sizes and even exist in tropical and cold environments. While not every fern type will be able to last under low light conditions, the majority of them can. Maidenhair and Silver Light ferns are common varieties used indoors.

Parlor palm (Chamaedorea elegans)   Out of the palm plants that exist, the Parlor palm is probably the easiest to grow in a low light environment. This plant can last indoors and handle its roots becoming crowded, making it possible to plant a cluster of at least three of the plants together. This plant grows on a single stem that will grow to four feet at the most. After around three years, these plants should be placed into a larger container with more soil while taking care not to damage its brittle roots.

Rubber plant (Ficus elastica)   There is very little that can go wrong when raising the Rubber plant indoors. This plant's thick leaves are a beautiful shade of dark green, have quite a glossy beauty, and can grow to be a foot long and half a foot wide, and the plant itself can even reach the ceiling under the right conditions.

For a home that doesn't have a lot of light for plants to use, these plants will still be able to thrive and stay looking beautiful. Place a few around your home and watch them grow!

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