How to Move House Plants Without Damage

How to Move House Plants Without Damage

Prepare Your Plants Properly

You’re going to want to make sure that your plants are ready for your move by preparing them properly beforehand.  A couple of weeks before you get ready to move you start removing dead branches and leaves. Prune them as well. A week before your moving date, you should get rid of any pests, dust, and weeds that may have cropped up.

Re-Pot in a Plastic Container

Your planters and pots might be heavy to carry, and this can make traveling with them a nightmare as you have to load them and unload them when you reach your destination.  You should make it easier on yourself and re-pot your plants in lighter plastic options. Do these a couple of weeks before your moving date.

Keep an Eye on Temperature

If you can, keep a temperature-controlled area ready for your plants while moving, such as your car.  Just in case you decided to stop at a hotel, you should always make bringing your plants inside the hotel with you a priority.  This is very important when it’s extremely hot or cold outside.

Water Them Properly

Having cold and wet plants is a no go, and hot and dry is not good either. Even when in an air-controlled car, your plants may get uncomfortable, and this can lead to damage. Follow proper watering techniques.  If you’re traveling during the summer, make sure you keep your plants well-watered before and during your trip. If you’re traveling in the winter, make sure that you water them just once a few days before your move begins.

Be an Expert on the Law

Some countries have different laws regarding which plants can and can’t be moved.  Make sure you check in with customs to know whether you can bring your plants with you; certain species aren’t allowed to cross the border.  Even if you’re just moving to a different state, it’s important that you’re well aware of the laws. The US Department of Agriculture will require inspections of any plants that cross over state lines.  

Don’t Count on Moving Companies

Because of the strict laws that some states have regarding plant life, a lot of moving companies will actively refuse to carry your plants for you.  Don’t try to sneak them in either. If the moving company refuses them, and you pack them away with the rest of your stuff, it can completely null your contract, and they won’t be liable for any damages that your things might suffer during the move.

Consider Shipping Them

Though it can be risky to their health, you can always ship your plants before you in the mail.  You’ll want to take your plants out of their pots, you’ll want to start trimming down the roots, and you’ll want to place the root ball inside a wet towel and then wrap it in plastic.  Afterward, you can secure the entire plant into a sturdy box that has plenty of newspaper and bubble wrap. When it’s necessary, you can put some weight at the bottom end of the box that will help keep it upright while moving.  Then label it as ‘fragile,’ ‘live plant,’ and ‘this end up’ stickers. This will help to ensure that they’re well-treated on their journey to your new home.

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