How To Care For Fresh Flowers

How To Care For Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are great to have in your home and office space if permitted. The colorful blooms and delightful fragrance can help to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. However, you must follow good care habits if you want them to last. The rules are pretty simple to remember, so you will be a pro in no time!

First Things First
It is essential that you get your arrangement into a vase quickly if it arrives without one. Whether a bouquet of wildflowers or a dozen long-stemmed roses, you don't want to put off the task. Doing so will weaken the blooms and make your display less vibrant.
If the flowers are in a vase, you should make sure that the stem ends are all submerged in the water. You might need to trim down the rest of the arrangement or add some water to the vessel. In either case, you also need to be sure that none of the leaves are below the water line. Remove any that are, or you are leaving a breeding ground for bacteria and other microscopic organisms.

Watering Your Fresh Flowers
You should change the water every 1-2 days. Always use lukewarm water to ensure the best results. This is the water temperature your flowers find most appealing, and they will drink the water quickly as a result.
Remove all of the flowers from the vase and wash it thoroughly before returning the fresh flowers. Trim any of the dead growth and remove blooms that are not salvageable. Also, remove the bottom inch or so of each stem.

Flower Preservatives/Fresheners
Florist shops generally provide a special preservative with their floral arrangements. You can also purchase some to use for flowers you purchase from the store or clip from your own garden. These work by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and providing sugar to feed the flowers.
You should use it according to the directions each time that you refresh the water. Supplement Orchid Love will also work great on most any type of flowers in a vase. Spraying Suppleplant Orchid Love on the flowers three times a week will add moisture and much-needed nutrients to keep those flowers looking fresh as long as possible.

Where To Put Fresh Flower Arrangements
Before you decide to park your flowers on top of the television, you need to find a place where they will be able to thrive. The heat from appliances and devices throughout your home is bad for the flowers. Likewise, they should never be placed in full sunlight to preserve the fragile blooms.
If you smoke, do it outside and away from your fresh flowers. The fumes are toxic to the plants. Also, fresh fruits release a gas that can harm many different types of flowers. Keep a safe distance between the two.

Whether you have received a special gift or chosen to brighten your home with a new fresh flower arrangement, these tips will come in handy. You can extend the life of your flowers up to an extra week by following them!

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