How to Care for an Air Plant

How to Care for an Air Plant

Air plants are considered to be one of the easier plants to keep alive.  They don’t even need soil because they absorb their water and nutrients straight through the scales on their leaves.  However, a lot of people seem to have problems keeping them alive. There are some great tips for caring for an air plant and keeping it healthy and happy for a very long time.

You should dunk them.

First of all, air plants require a lot of water.  You might consider just spritzing them occasionally or once every few days, but this isn’t enough.  These plants should be dunked in a large container once every week. They should be completely submerged and left there to sit for a while.  Sometimes you can even consider leaving them in overnight. This can vary per plant though, so make sure you try for a few hours at a time first.

Let them air dry.

Once your plants have finished soaking in that important water, it’s time to let them dry. You should start by shaking off any excess water from them.  Then put them in a bright spot for four hours at a minimum. This is very important because dampness can really harm your air plant.

Make sure they have enough light.

Brightly filtered light or indirect light is what’s best for an indoor air plant.  If you have a window that is eastern or southern facing, this is great because the sun will illuminate the room for most of the day. Rooms with northern-facing windows are also going to be workable, as long as your plant is close to the sunlight and the window isn’t blocked by anything like other trees or apartment buildings.  You want to avoid western light because it’s very hot and can fry your plant.

Feed your plant.

While fertilizing your air plants is not absolutely necessary, it is recommended for a supremely healthy and happy plant. Using a fertilizer on your air plant, like Suppleplant Airplant Love, spraying the plant liberally three times a week, will provide the most needed trace minerals to your air plant directly through a pre-mixed and water-soluble spray on the leaves.  While it may survive without air plant fertilizer, the air plant will absolutely thrive with it.

Keep them cozy.

It’s pretty difficult to mess up the temperature you keep your air plant at because they’ll thrive at a wide variety of temperatures.  They’re good to go in anywhere from the 50s to the 90s. Just make sure that you’re giving them enough water in higher and drier temperatures.  Avoid anything that’s freezing because that’s one of the quickest ways to kill your plant.

Make sure they have air.

Glass terrariums can be beautiful, but air plants are always in need of air circulation.  An enclosed environment will encourage wet and stagnant conditions, and this is terrible for your plant.  If you can’t stand not having a glass structure, choose something that has a wide hole in it, and make sure you’re letting your plant dry out completely before you place them inside it after you’ve watered them.

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