Easy Low Maintenance Houseplants

Easy Low Maintenance Houseplants

It can sound like it is too good to be true - growing plants indoors is easy? It is! It’s also fun and requires only a little maintenance, just like an outdoor garden.
Indoor plants clean the air in the environment surrounding them, and they also provide quick decorative tools. These top 5 indoor houseplants are easy to tend to but if you have children and pets, note that before you buy, some of them may be toxic if eaten.


Why you want it: The pothos plant can clear the air and take toxins like formaldehyde out of carpets and other materials in your home. That is pretty neat! The plant has trailing stems so it works best when placed in hanging baskets where they can be displayed attractively and grow freely. It also looks nice when trained to hang from or climb up a trellis or other object.

How to care for it:  Since this plant can grow its stems to be about eight feet long, you want to be prepared to cut them back so that they look fresh, full and vibrant. It thrives in many different lighting conditions. Low light tends to diminish the variegation of the leaves. It does very well at normal room temperature.


Why you want it: This is a succulent noted for its long pointed green leaves. It is famous for its medicinal properties which you are likely to be familiar with from labels on products like moisturizers and salves. It grows about three feet high inside. There are smaller varieties that are perfect for small, sunny spaces.

How to care for it:  This plant likes temperatures of about 70 degrees and plenty of sunshine. You might know that since it is a succulent, it wants dry soil. Avoid watering it too often.


Why you want it:  There is a timeless elegance to this plant. It flows down furnishings which offers a decorative effect. Ivy is easy to start for yourself or a friend using a clipping of a stem in water. While it takes two weeks to begin sprouting it sure can make for a great hostess gift.

How to care for it: It likes moist soil and cool room temperatures from the 50s to about 70.


Why you want it: This is a pretty plant with big, tropical-looking leaves that accent any décor in the home or office. The leaves can grow to about a foot in length, and the plant itself can reach six feet in height.

How to care for it: Keep it in normal room temperatures of about 65. The soil should be moist, and the plant should stay in low to medium light.


Why you want it: This is the easiest plant to take care of, and it has the privilege of being called mother-in-law's tongue as a nickname. Variegated leaves grow straight upwards and have yellow or white edges. The plant blooms rarely, but when it does, it blooms in small white flowers.

How to care for it:  It grows in a good range of light. Make sure the soil and the air are relatively dry. Normal room temperatures are great for it.

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